• Oct 10, 2016
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Designing A Home Office

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Contributed By: Dvira Ovadia

With the ease of mobility and telecom, most people don’t have to be stuck in a corporate office at all times. When designing for HGTV’s Income Property I always searched for a nook, a room or a space that can be called a home office. Not only does it add value to a property but it provides flexibility within your dwelling. For those of you who are lucky enough to work from home, you’re probably unlucky to be trapped in your office most of the day! Or maybe you have the flexibility of working from home part time? That’s still enough time spent in those 4 walls to make it count. At my firm we like to ensure that every space in your home has been thought through. The office especially we are always looking to make those long days at the desk a little more inspiring!

Home Office Interior Design Dvira Ovadia

Here are some of my favorite design tips for updating a boring home office space:

Get Rejuvenated. A fresh coat of paint gives any room a fresh look. Go for light and bright tones, being in an office all day you want to pick a vibrant neutral that will make you feel rejuvenated.

Get Colorful. Adding splashes of color creates and exciting and stimulating work space. Find one or two colors that you love and go bold. Offices don’t have to be sterile, make a statement with an art piece, a chair or some decorative desk accessories that work for you!

Get Inspired. Use small art pieces or inspirational boards where you can tack colors, quotes and project ideas. Having something stimulating to look at when you are feeling tired and burned out can be elevating and stimulating.

Get Comfy. Add a cushion or a throw to your task chair and drop a cozy rug under your feet. Who said that comfy home accessories can’t be used in office spaces?

Bring In Nature. Bringing a small element of the outdoors to your office space makes for a breath of fresh air. Be it a plant, or a bunch of fresh picked flowers, you’ll be happy to know that you took a moment to stop and smell the roses right at your desk.

Create A Focal Point. Be it as simple as a focal wall, or as fancy as a fireplace. Having something that stands out in the room with give the space a luxurious feeling!

Making the most of your office space is imperative for creative productivity and creating a multi-functional work space that is inspiring and inviting to come to day after day. Good design after all, is about creating functional spaces that you can live well in every day.

Dvira Ovadia Interior Designer

About Dvira Ovadia

Principal designer of Dvira Interiors, Dvira Ovadia is a Toronto-based celebrity and award-winning designer known for her appearances and design work on various HGTV shows. Dvira and her team service clientele throughout Ontario and the GTA. To learn more and view Dvira's portfolio visit www.dvira.com. @DVIRADesigner

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