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Breathing For Life


Carpet One Castro Valley is currently working with their local Rotary club to raise money for the 'Breathing for Life' project in Ethiopia.

The project is part of the East Africa Medical Relief Foundation and its goal is to raise the money needed to provide an oxygen generator to Nejo Hospital in Nejo, Ethiopia, and to educate the community about it. Ultimately this oxygen generator and public education will save millions of lives.

Nejo Hospital serves about 500,000 people in Nejo and the surrounding villages. The hospital has 6 physicians, one surgeon and one OB/GYN. There are 82 beds in 6 rooms – this means there are 8-10 patients in a room regardless of their diagnosis.

Communicable disease such as Malaria, TB, Pneumonia and Upper respiratory disease, which are treatable and partially preventable with the proper equipment and education, are deadly in the area of Nejo. Disproportionately impacting infants, children and women.

It is 24 hours round trip to the nearest re-supply of oxygen. Working in such strained conditions with limited equipment, doctors often have to choose who lives and who dies.

Purchasing one generator can save generations. So far thanks to donations, matching Rotary grants, and help from other Carpet One Floor & Home members, $360,000 has been raised!

For more information about Breathing for Life watch this video, or donate via the Rotary Club’s donation form.

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